Why "Joy42"?

I honestly don't know. My family's lucky number has been 42 since before I was born. It's the answer to every question and it comes up a lot in our family in addresses, dates, phone numbers, times, etc. One day, I was driving home from work at Joy42 just struck a cord with me. I kept wanting to think it was stupid--and maybe it is because I can't really make sense of it--but it just sounded catchy. I've been blogging since 2009 off and on and I've had a lot of stupid blog names. One thing is for sure, I'm not great at coming up with a name for a blog. But hey, I like this one and I'm sure it stuck for a reason.

Why did you move to England?

I moved to England in June of 2017 because my fiancé, Luke, is a British citizen. We decided I would be the one to move, ending the long distance chapter of our relationship. To be clear, I don't live in London. Read more about my decision here.

How did you meet Luke?

Great question! I get asked this all the time. My church back in Colorado works with a great organization called Globalscope that creates campus ministries across the globe. In May of 2016, I went on a mission trip to visit their location in Birmingham, England. Luke had been a part of the ministry while he was at uni and was around that week because it was the end of term and lots of big things were happening. We stayed in touch after I returned to Colorado. Read more about our story here.

How did you get a visa to live in the UK?

It was a lengthy and expensive process, I'll tell you that much. We waited until we were engaged and then applied for me to move as Luke's fiancé, paying to have the application expedited because I would be returning to England sooner than the processing window and I needed by passport back. I received a six month visa to live in the UK, without working in the country. Luke and I will have to be married before December of 2017 for me to remain in the country. After getting married (and a new visa), I'll be allowed to work. Read more about the initial process here.

What do you do for a living?

I'm currently not able to work in the UK because of my visa. Before moving to England, I managed Pure Barre Boulder, a fitness studio in Boulder, Colorado. I'm not sure what I'll be doing for a living once I'm granted permission to work in England. Read my ode to Pure Barre Boulder here.

When are you getting married?

Luke and I are having a wedding ceremony in May of 2018 with our friends and family, here in England. (Yes, some people are flying out to come to the wedding.) However, as I previously mentioned, we need to be legally married before December of 2017, so we'll be doing a tiny--and I mean tiny--legal ceremony for my visa. We originally intended to do the whole thing in September of 2017, but after a few family conflicts and the realization that it would be too much to plan a wedding in seven months while I was living in the States for half the time and not working for the other half, so we pushed it back another eight months. Follow along with our wedding planning here.

What do you use to create graphics and edit images?

First, let me say I am 100% an amateur at both of these things. But I'm also self-taught, which the exception of a 15-minute Lightroom tutorial. I use Canva to create all the graphics used on my blog. This is a great online tool that can do a lot with a free membership. (And it does even more for a paid membership, but I don't pay for anything on the site.) I used it for everything when I was managing social media and client communications at Pure Barre Boulder.

I recently started using Lightroom, but I'm an absolute beginner. I use mainly use VSCO unless I'm editing a large number of photos or want a specific Lightroom preset. I currently take all my photos on my iPhone 7+ since I stupidly sold my DSLR camera before moving to England since I never used it.

Do you make money through your blog?

I'm a member of an affiliate marketer, which means if you click a link on my blog, I may make a commission. If I ever post paid sponsored content, all opinions and ideas expressed are my own.